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Good evening traveler and welcome to what remains of Stonekeep.

I hope our humble tavern will meet your approval, even if the rest of the Keep's comforts are scarce.

You must understand the guardsmen who patrol and administer the area have decidedly spartan taste, especially since the plague tore our land apart.

I know, I know it is hardly the most welcoming scene to stumble upon but it's all we can really offer, you see.


Well, my father tells me that they were once only a handful of peasants dedicated to the defence of Yew. Yew was far smaller back then but a thousand times more dangerous. The lessons those rag-tag volunteers learned in the violent backwater that was once Yew allowed them to not only crush resistance within their borders but also to expand their territories.


For a while, life was good. We prospered and we enjoyed freedoms of which we'd never dared dream – then the plague came.


Stonekeep ain't what it used to be, but it will be again one day.