The Avatarian Church 


The Church?

Well, I haven't really seen any of them around since the Great Plague but that doesn't mean they aren't watching! You don't want to get on the wrong side of them. Always attend mass, always pay your tithe and always vocalise your hatred of anything non-human or female. The latter will probably alienate you from half of your peers but it's better to be despised by all of the women in Yew than become a target for the Church.

Oh... you're a devout Avatarian are you? Wish to know more of the Western Chapter do you? Well... err... praise the Avatar! It's a pleasure to meet you, don't let me hold you up!

I'm not really sure I'm the best person to speak to in regards to the Church around here, good sir. My devotion to the Church aside, I'm but a simple, ignorant peasant! I do only what the Lord asks of me, you see?