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The Militia Concept

The Guardsmen Militia came about during the dawn of the Europa shard when a few old players joined together and decided to create a roleplay guild based upon roughneck guardsmen.

They were tired of the classic concepts that existed in a roleplaying environment made up of almost exclusively Knights, Paladins or outright Murderers.

They wanted something different, with another atmosphere and another experience and from here the concept of the Guardsmen Militia sprang to life. A few ideas were used from various other entities, with Medieval and fantasy guards used as models, Shadowclan of Catskills and real life militaries proved to be fantastic resources. 

However, what makes the Guardsmen Militia the premier roleplaying experience that it is today is the adherence to a few basic ideals.

Everyone receives the same opportunities - Nobody gets ahead in the Guardsmen Militia because of their fantastic connection, their huge ingame wealth or their artifacts. Everyone has the same chance regardless of background or advantages.

We aim to be the best roleplayers around. We certainly don't break character and we do not change our attitudes or values to appease others.

Nobody is bigger than the Guardsmen Militia. We do not make exceptions under any circumstances and we will not shirk our responsibilities to the Militia when it comes to dealing with those who threaten the stability or future of our guild.

The Guardsmen Militia is a challenge for anyone and everyone, whether you've been playing for ten days or ten years. Whereas those riding around on ethereals, wielding artifacts and casting magery would find the game easy, if they were to be stuck on the ground using GM armour, melee weapons and having to rely on someone with 70 healing to keep them from being flattened by a dragon they would probably find it hard or impossible.

We do not judge our members based upon their spelling or grammar. All that is important to us is the desire to roleplay. If you don't have it, then quite simply you are in the wrong guild.

Respect is due for all players, especially those of higher rank in the guild. To reach the higher positions in the Militia requires a great deal of time and effort and those who manage it should be shown due respect both in character and out of character.

Knowing when to draw the line between in character and out of character is also key to our concept. Whilst being a guardsman is tough and that Sergeant may be treating your Footman like dirt, it is more than likely just roleplay and dedication to character rather than a personal issue with you as a player.

We do not advertise or use our positions within the Militia to advocate other guilds at our expense. If you are guilty of this either in character or out of character then you run the risk of being removed. We always try to avoid stealing our members from other guilds and we expect others to do the same even though the playerbase that we all recruit from is growing smaller.

It is difficult to find a player who is willing to give up all the advantages other guilds would offer them and take on the role of a Guardsman, to train them to fight and operate as part of our Militia only to lose them to a rival is a hard pill to swallow.

If a Guardsman is no longer on the stone, then they have likely abandoned their comrades and broken their oath. Please do not bring them to Stonekeep, after all how are we to deal with a deserter other than in the most hostile of manners? It presents an awkward situation for all so if you are desperate to catch up with old friends, either communicate through other means, or create a new Guardsman.

Perhaps the most important concept of all is that Guardsmen have fun. The guild is always changing and always adapting. We will always find new ways to entertain you and to have fun. The key to our entire existence is that players strive to enjoy the Militia experience and have enjoyed their time with one another.





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