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May I join with an existing character/roleplayer?  

Yes! Provided the character is human and has a sensible name and is human, you may join. However, your skill level may not exceed 100.00 in any skill and must only consist of permitted skills. If your character was previously an enemy of the Guardsmen Militia then you may have to prepare yourself for some hostility – this however is strictly IC!

What skills are not permitted?

We do not permit our Guardsmen to use: Magery, Chivalry, Bushido, Spell Weaving, Necromancy, Provocation or Meditation.

Ninjitsu, Animal Taming, Animal Lore and Poisoning are restricted to certain members only. Please ask if you plan on using any of those skills.

How do I get a promotion?

Be active! We do have promotion guidelines in place and these are well advertised throughout the forums. Upon completion of any promotion requirements you must contact a Corporal, Sergeant or Captain, supplying evidence of how you have completed them. In addition to the listed criteria you must show you are active, well disciplined and worthy of a step up the ranks!

What do people mean when they refer to Copper?

We have a unique way in which we reward our members; In exchange for contributing to the guild through running events and completing tasks you will be awarded copper. The copper can then be used to purchase better equipment, skill scrolls and additional stat points for your character.

When can I talk OOC?

Never! Some guilds allow their members to talk OOC when using brackets [lol] but Grd is not one of them! It is quite easy to say most things IC (In Character) without resorting to OOC. If for example you need to go to the bathroom, don’t say: “[I gotta take a piss]” say “I need to take a short nap, Sir!” instead.

If you have lag sat “The horse trampled over my foot.. It may take time to recover” or “The mud is bad today, I can barely walk” do not say “I’m so lagged!”

For anything you can’t say IC use guild chat/party chat or even ICQ. Alternatively, just wait.

(The abbreviation OOC stands for Out of Character, or more traditionally: Out of Context.)

Can I hang around with non-Militia characters?

The simple answer to this is no. Depending upon which context you look at this question it could have two meaning; May I bring my non-Militia alts to Stonekeep or can I hang around with non-Militia characters/friends with my Militia character. We do not like members to bring their alts into Stonekeep without a roleplay reason (for example if you’re taking part in another roleplay event and have to pass through Stonekeep or your craftsman has arranged to make a delivery to us etcetera) We also would advise that your character not remain friendly with anyone from a warring guild. Friendly guilds and allies are permitted, however if the war should change and we no longer remain friendly with a certain guild or nation, you would be expected to end your IC friendship (of course you are free to do as you wish on non-militia alts or OOC).

A Guard keeps harassing/killing me! What should I do?

First of all, try and determine why you were attacked/killed/harassed. Had you misunderstood an order? Done something against the rules? It is usually the case that one party has done something the other didn’t agree with and has been punished for it. It is not against the rules to enforce the Militia Oath.

However, if it is not a case of punishment and/or you are not satisfied try and resolve the matter with the person on ICQ. If this does not have the effect you want please contact a member of Militia Command (contact details can be found for them on the website) who will happily sort out the problem for you.


If there is anything you wish to know that has not been covered here, please speak to a member of Militia Command.



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