Sometimes it is felt that certain guardsmen are worthy of permanent rewards, if Command feel that a Guardsman has earned the right to a medal or a ribbon, Command will sit down and discuss the appropriate award for that Guardsman.

Name Criteria
Ribbon of Merit
Awarded to Guardsmen who have organised events where a number of guardsmen participated, multi-guild events, running plotlines, or anything else of that nature deemed suitable by Command. One event alone is never enough to earn the ribbon, no matter how successful it is.
Ribbon of Champions
The Ribbon of Champions is awarded to Guardsmen who has shown their strength and courage within the Arena and won a Champion's Tournament.
Ribbon of Discipline
Awarded to Guardsmen who have been chosen by Command for maintaining a level of discipline beyond that expected of them. The bearer has shown unswerving loyalty to the Guardsmen Militia and upheld a level of discipline that stands as an example to all. The Ribbon of Discipline can be stripped from a guard who fail to live up to the criteria that earned him the ribbon in the first place.
Ribbon of Standards
Those who put in the effort, and strive to learn and improve not only their own skills but also the skill of others shall be rewarded. Guardsmen who consistently organise and attend various forms of training, and produce reports of this, may receive the Ribbon of Standards.
Ribbon of Recruiting
A Guardsman who has made a significant effort to find new Recruits for the Guardsman Militia may be awarded this ribbon.
Ribbon of Progress
This particular Ribbon may only be awarded to junior ranked Guardsmen; it is given in recognition of the high standard they have upheld. Only one Ribbon will be awarded per ceremony so to receive such a distinction is a notable achievement.
Ribbon of Distinction
The Ribbon of Distinction may be awarded to guardsmen who perform acts of special or unique service to the Militia, or to those who consistently make noteworthy contributions to the Militia.
Ribbon of Tutelage
The Ribbon of Tutelage is awarded to Guardsmen that have taken a pupil from the Trainee ranks and mentored them in the ways of the Guardsman Militia. The Guardsman is responsible for their pupil in every aspect of their Militia life until such time as they are promoted to the rank of Rookie Guard.
Drakan's Boxing Ribbon

In honour of the famed Major Drakan, a new Ribbon was created as reward for winning a bare-fist boxing tournament. Only Command may run the boxing tournament, and it will not be held on a regular basis. Thus it is a great honour to hold this particular Ribbon, as very few Guardsmen will ever get the opportunity to win it.

Ribbon of Heritage
If a Guardsman is seen to be consistently encouraging the Militia's culture, tradition and beliefs they may be rewarded with this particular ribbon. Simply running events is not sufficient to receive this ribbon however; a Guardsman must strive to display exactly what the Militia is about to those around them in the manner they act also.
Ribbon of Duty
Guardsmen who consistently turnout when summoned to Stonekeep will be awarded the Ribbon of Duty in recognition for their high level of commitment and loyalty. There are no specific requirements for this particular ribbon, however guardsmen who are found to be snoozing when the Militia are battling are not likely to receive it.
Battle or Campaign Ribbons
If a guardsman participates in an epic battle or prestigious campaign they may be awarded a ribbon to prove they are veterans of that conflict. A good example of a campaign or battle that may have earned such a ribbon would have been the Minoc Campaign or the battle to defend the Court of Truth. Simply participating is not enough however, one must have actively contributed to the conduct of the conflict and thus earn the right to be recognised as a veteran of those days.
The Queen's Bronze, Silver and Golden Ankhs
Awarded for 6, 12 and 18 real life months service respectively.
The Iron Heart
An addition to The Queen's Ankh, rather than a medal of its own. It is a small iron heart. It is a sign of eternal devotion to the Militia, and means that you will serve until the day you die.
The Silver Pen
Recognition for a serious, well made, useful and updated document or addition to the Militia tome.
The Wisdom Cross
For a really good invention adding to the Militia's culture and enjoyment. Merely coming up with the idea doesn't count. It must be something that fits, and is in a roleplaying context. Nothing as trivial as "dungeon crawls" (a good example would have been those who invented the roadblock, the taxation and escorts, the Last Man Standing and the Orders section) Also, you must have brought it to life by promoting the idea, and talking it over with others.
The British Crest
In the event of great heroic and epic deeds, involving a lot of guardsmen (the fame of one single guardsman isn't enough - he has to have lead many in this glorious deed, and somehow stood out). It has to be something legendary, that is spoken of and known about through ages to come, and publicly well known far away even from Yew. The ceremony must take place within the walls of the Lord British's castle.
The Service Cross
The Service Cross is a great honour awarded to guardsmen who, through service to the Militia have earned many Ribbons. Any Guardsman who receives a minimum of 3 Ribbons may be awarded the Service Cross medal in recognition of their contribution to the Guardsman Militia.