Guardsmen Militia

So you want to know about the Guardsmen? Well, I'm not really sure what to say. They're not just soldiers either. The Great Plague might have left Yew in tatters but the Guardsmen Militia are picking up the pieces and providing services to the great Yewish public.

You won't find a better band of soldiers anywhere. You hear people raving about the Royal Guard but this lot would take them apart in a jiffy. It's not that they're better equipped because you can see they ain't, they just turn any obvious disadvantage into an advantage.

That armour they wear makes them more aware of their own mortality; none of them can afford to be heroes because chances are they'll buy the whole bloody farm if they try it.

So they follow their orders, they don't take unnecessary risks and they do what is essential to win. People hate them for it but most probably admire them in secret.

These lads have turned 'going without' into an art form and woe betide anyone who thinks less of them because of it. Just imagine what they could do with an infinite supply of money and state-of-the-art equipment! Yet I can't help but think they'd just throw it all into a dark room and forget about it.

Thinking of joining? Well, they're a great bunch of lads but to be honest by the look of ya, you'd be bloody lucky to even shine their boots.