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Creating a Guardsman

"So? You too wish to join the Guards? Let me warn you. Our ways are harsh and strict. We promise no wealth, fame nor longevity to our men. In fact, we offer little more than food on the table, gear to help you on the field and peers to aid you in your struggle. I will be honest with you. Not many survive more than a few years within our ranks and even fewer reach glory and fame. Working within the laws limits our men geographically, as well as in their actions. Many die on patrols far off at the borders of our lands. Others are slain in wars on our homelands, and yet others are lost, never to be heard from again. That is why we constantly need new recruits to fill the holes in our ranks. The life of the guardsman is harder than that of most any other profession."

- Recruiter Damien

The game of Ultima Online is in itself a challenge to master. But here you enter a medieval community with restrictions much greater, and so are the challenges. Following strict rules you must survive in a world where others do not follow them. You must prove yourself to your peers, in combat as well as in leadership in order to gain ranks and respect. You live in constant threat of dangerous powers, from within and without of the Militia. Not all guardsmen are your friends. The Magistrate, with its zealous Inquisitors will stop at nothing to expose you as a Heretic and have you burned at the stake. And from outside the constant menace of the Undead, the Rebellion, Bandits and Murderers hangs over your head. In other words, a new challenge, and a new community. If you still feel that serving as a Guardsman is something for you, then read on...

1. Reading the Tome

Before you become a guardsman, you must learn as much as possible about us. Read the website, and try to grasp it all. Everything after "Divisions" on the left frame can be skipped for now, but the Roleplaying a Guardsman page you should know by heart. As you are recruited, there will be a test in knowledge of these pages.

"Beat thy thoughts to mould thy mind." - Adjudicator Lithargus

2. Creating the Recruit

Try to come up with an interesting and creative personality and a background for your character, but don't overdo the background, however you should keep in mind that there is an unspoken in character age requirement in place for Militia recruits, males are generally not permitted to join until they are 16 years of age and females will have to wait until they are 18.
Come up with a name of your own that sounds Britannian, like for example Boris, Wrenthal or Robert. Stolen names are not allowed (e.g. Rand Al'Thor, Gandalf or Mondain) and the name must have a capital letter ("boris" is not allowed, however "Boris" is fine). Also, try to avoid picking a name that is already in use in the Militia by having a look at the Roster.

Your new recruit must start with at least 60 strength, to be able to wear his coif. If you forget this, expect to be sent chopping wood untill you are strong enough.

Skillwise pick something down-to-earth to reflect your character's past. Any skills not related to the "supernatural" (or dealing with reagents and the like) are fair game. Guardsmen tend to mistrust users of such otherworldly skills as alchemy, chivalry, magery, provocation, etc. These are skills for the likes of heretics, con-artists and wytches! Those troublemakers guardsmen have grown to dislike after long and hard service. Creativity is rewarded here, don't be afraid to choose unconventionally.

"Us'll make men outta them!" - Captain Llew

3. Your guardsman

All guardsmen in the Militia are unique characters (just as their creators), but to make the roleplaying more enjoyable, they should have visible traits. You must decide upon how your character speaks, acts and create a personality for him or her. And foremostly, you must make it visible so that others notice, and understand what kind of role you are playing.

Note, that because of the (evil) role of Elves in the religion of the Guardsmen, your guard cannot be of the Elven race. Derivatives of the Elven race (half elves, dark elves) are also forbidden. Basically all races other than Human are mistrusted and might end up in lethal danger merely based upon their appearance, so choose wisely. A creature half-cat, half-man would surely be shunned by the majority of guardsmen and hunted down by the Church. Dwarves have been accepted, but only with permission from an Officer.

Check the section Character Traits to get some funny ideas on how to roleplay your character. Create at least five personal emotes for your guardsman, which he often spends his time with. Try to make them as unique, fitting and fun as possible. 

 4. The Test

Go to Stonekeep (you may find it on this Map) and tell the guardsmen you're a recruit. If there's a craftsman they may make you a uniform and gear if you look trustworthy. You will now be given a test by an Officer or trusted Guard; a set of questions making sure you know how to roleplay a guardsman of the Militia.  If you pass, they will forward you to a recruiter, who will have you added to the guild and hand you your badge. Remember that all guardsmen must show their character's skills on in order to reveal those that do not hold true to the oath (using Magery and/or advancing "unnaturally" fast in skills and statistics).

5. Final Comments

The Place of the Trainee: The Trainees are the working class of the Militia. They are used to doing all the hard labours that the higher ranks are excused from. They have little to no rights and are there only to work under anyone who wishes to order them about. As you enter the Militia you start from the bottom, and have a lot to learn. A good way for a Trainee to become a worthy guardsman is to get someone to be your personal tutor. With loyalty and quick learning you shall advance to a more respected status soon enough!

"But Sir! I just made 200 arrows yesterday!" - Trainee Amos

The Alignment of the Militia: The overall alignment of the Militia is Lawful Neutral. This means, the guardsmen are not prima-righteous men of chivalrous morale standing and noble attitudes. In fact, they are far from the knights in shining armour they try to look like. One thing that does bind the men together is their common distrust for outsiders. Guardsmen hold together (although they can have disputes among themselves) and don't like to mingle with others.

"Touch the stone. You are hereby a Trainee of The Guardsmen Militia." - Damien the Recruiter



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