So you've decided to join us? Wonderful! The procedure is easy, follow these steps and you will find yourself a Guardsman in no time!

1. The Test   

Anyone wanting to join the Guardsmen Militia will be asked to take a test of knowledge. The test itself only consists of a few basic questions regarding the Militia and roleplaying in general. This is to ensure that you know what you are getting yourself in to. Obviously we do not ask that you know our website inside out, but merely enough for you to understand our concept and our structure. By now you should also understand that roleplaying is what this guild is based on, as well as the community it is a part of.

2. Creating your character  

The first step in your character creation is thinking of a good name. You are under no circumstances allowed to steal names from books, movies, games or anything similar. Therefore names like "Gandalf" or "Mondain" are not permitted. It is also important to remember that your name needs a capital letter and follows the general rules of writing, "John" is accepted, while "john" or "JoHn" isn't.

A key to creating an enjoyable character in a roleplaying world is giving the person a rich background. Perhaps your character comes from a long line of carpenters and understands the basics of carpentry. Perhaps he worked as a lumberjack in his earlier days, and therefore prefers the use of an axe over any other weapon. Try to come up with a few bad habits, hobbies and other traits that make your character unique from others. This will give your character life and makes him or her much more enjoyable to play. Also, do not be surprised if a character very far from your own personality will give you a very interesting roleplaying experience!

The Guardsmen - as well as the citizens of Yew are generally strict followers of the Avatari church. So please note that because of the evil role of Elves in the religion of the Guardsmen, your guard cannot be of the Elven race. Nor can he be of Gargoyle race. Also, bear in mind that the Guardsmen Militia mostly consists of simple people, with the majority of them being of Britannian descent. And the Guardsmen of Yew have never been known for their hospitality, so if you are anything but the average Britannian man, expect to be frowned upon.

3. Skills and stats   

Characters joining the Militia do not have to be newly created, although they are preferred. However, any characters joining the Militia or joining as a citizen must not possess skills above GM level or a stat cap beyond 235.

Please note: skills such as chivalry, bushido and ninjitsu are not allowed for guardsmen characters early on.

4. Joining us

You have completed your character and feel ready to join our ranks. Your next step now is going to Stonekeep. If you do not already know where to find us, use this map to navigate. Once you have arrived you should inform a guard that you are a recruit, and they will issue a test for you. When your test is completed you will be handed a starting kit consisting of a uniform, a weapon of your choice and a survival kit. You are now officially a Trainee, make us proud.  

Good luck out there!

Joining as a citizen

The ways of the Militia don’t always suit everyone and many prefer to have the freedom to create their own roleplay or travel their own path within Grd and they are welcome to.

The Grd Citizen System allows characters of any class, style or background to be created and played and these characters need only adhere to the basic guild rules, silver system and the rules of the Grd Social Class System which dictates their starting point in the social hierarchy.

The possibilities are endless. What will your citizen be?

Whilst your citizen might start off low down, he could one day become one of the most important people in Yewish society, all it requires is a bit of hard work and dedication.

If you want to join as a citizen, simply be sure to read thecitizen section of the website, thencontact a member of Command to enquire about being admitted to Grd.