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Line up! – When this order is called, all guardsmen should line up one pace away from the Guardsman/Officer giving the order. If an officer is calling the line up please be sure to arm your parade weapon (A Halberd).

Right/left flank strong! - All the higher ranked guards stand to the Officer's right, all Trainees and Footmen stand to the Officer's left.  

Attention! – All guardsmen stand to attention (commonly this order is followed by guardsmen emoting *Snaps too attention* – i.e. stood up straight, shoulders back and legs shoulder width apart).

At ease! - Guardsmen are to remain in a line up but can relax their position from ‘Attention’.

Stand ready! – Guardsmen are to draw their preferred weapon and stand at ease ready for the next order.

March! – Guardsmen are to ‘march’ (walk) behind the patrol leader.

Quick March/On the double! – Guardsmen should now run to the designated area, but still remain behind the patrol leader.

Forced March! – Guardsmen should run as fast as they can to the designated area, they do not need to remain behind the patrol leader.

Hold/Hold position! – Guardsmen are to stop exactly where they are stood. Nobody flees, nobody pursues,.

Take cover! - All guardsmen hide instantly, ready their backpacks for battle and assess the foe to come. If failing to hide, move around to dodge the foes blows/spells but stay near the hidden guardsmen.

Draw arms! – Guardsmen should arm their weapon of choice.

Draw bows! - All guardsmen arm their bows or crossbows. These are part of your survival kit and everyone should have one on them at all times.

Ready arms! – Guardsmen take stance ready to fight (go into war mode).

Charge! – All guardsmen should charge against the foe! (This order is typically used in battle or against a large quantity of enemies/monsters)

Spear/Target [Name]! - All guardsmen attack the called target. This could be a description of a single foe, a group of foes, (“Spear the Archers!”) or the name of a known foe. If the officer doesn't mention a target, the officer's target should be attacked.  

Protect/Heal [Name!] – All guardsmen shouldlook at the health bar of [name] and make sure that blocking the way to any foes and ensuring they are healed.

Regroup/Form! – Guardsmen should stop chasing and regroup around the officer forming a ‘square’ around him.

Fall back! - After giving this order the officer runs off and stops a few screens away. All guardsmen run the same direction, and form up around the Officer in a “Square” formation unless other orders are given.  

Dismissed! – Guardsmen should salute the leading officer and are then free to resume their other duties/return home.



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