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Roleplaying a Guardsman

The people of Yew are simple folk, with simplistic tastes and values and they share a common mistrust for the unknown. The Guardsmen Militia are very much the same, despite their jobs taking them to far-flung and exotic locations they are still at heart bound by the principles that have kept them safe for so long.

If you wish to join the Guardsmen Militia and defend the people and forests of Yew from devious outsiders, then you would do well to learn what makes a Guardsman who he is.

Guardsmen are wary of those who ride horses; it is a well-known fact that those who trot around on steeds are arrogant snobs. Snobs and a peasant Militia generally have very little in common.

Guardsmen do not take too kindly to those obviously corrupted by the dark arts. Carrying a spellbook around or casting spells is a sure-fire way to find yourself meeting a very warm, very painful end atop a pyre.

Guardsmen fight as one and as such if one is threatened others will come to his or her aid. The Militia's strength revolves around its numbers and this is how Guardsmen can hope to fend off a force of mages and taintlings.

Guardsmen speak Britannian (English) and no other foul tongues. Yewish peasants can barely trust a man speaking their native tongue in a strange accent, let alone not speaking their native tongue at all.

Guardsmen are likely poor, simple folk who haven't had the benefit of learning to ride horses, amongst the Guardsmen Militia only officers are granted this privilege.

A Guardsmen's most treasured possession should be his uniform and as such they take great pride in their gleaming appearance and would certainly never break the uniform of their rank.

Guardsmen always address their superiors 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' and would certainly never question their authority, competence or dare to lay a hand upon them.

Guardsmen always protect the innocent, after all it is what they are paid to do and they would never shirk this responsibility.

Guardsmen always collect taxes from those who pass by through Stonekeep and along the King's highway. The tax should always be collected for the maintenance of the road, even if the Militia are kept so busy as to be unable to repair it quite as frequently as they would wish.

Guardsmen should always offer escort to a law-abiding, tax-paying and respectful citizen to anywhere within Yew.

Guardsmen very rarely wander alone and find comfort when surrounded by those of their own kind, after all there is safety in numbers.

Guardsmen do not care about skills or templates and would certainly never do anything purely with the intention of 'gaining skills'. If you are caught powergaming you will be subjected to the harshest of disciplinary measures, if not thrown out altogether.

Guardsmen are not millionaires, what gold they possess is usually spent on just scraping a living, even the officers who are paid slightly better are too busy trying to feed their horses and themselves to spend lavishly.

Guardsmen would never go near anything that might have anything to do with wytchcraft. After all just opening that spellbook might blow your hand off.

Guardsmen should always focus on having fun unless it conflicts directly with their beliefs, so no blowing up civilian housing because it's a laugh, unless your character delights in murdering those who he swore an oath to protect.


Taxes are far more than just demanding a sum of gold; after all we don't really care for the money OOC. In fact the entire concept is merely a conduit through which we can contact a civilian or blue character.

Gaining interaction from these characters is generally achieved by asking the right questions and presenting yourself in an approachable yet realistic manner. Being too demanding and intimidating isn't likely to achieve anything more than poor co-operation.

Try to share your character with them, query where they are going, what their business is and how they're finding Yew.

The basic tax is 50 gold pieces per head, including animals also. However, many civilians rather strangely do not carry gold, however the Guardsmen Militia will accept bandages, food, ale or anything they are willing to offer as an alternative form of currency.

Anybody can enjoy roleplay as long as they're willing to try it and approaching a regular guy on his way along the road can lead to an unexpectedly enjoyable or rewarding experience.

Always volunteer information, or explain what a guardsman does - you never know, they might be intrigued enough to want to sign up or talk a relative of theirs into doing so.

Some civilians will refuse to pay taxes and so you are presented with two options, either ask them to leave Stonekeep or lock them in a cell. If they are willing to roleplay then take them to a cell and keep them there for a short while until they are willing to work off their debt.

The possibilites of roleplay are endless and so you should never feel restricted when roleplaying your guardsmen. Develop your character, allow their experiences to mould them into third-dimensional people and above all - enjoy it.





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