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Speaking Britannian

Example of a dialogue:

A Brigand is attempting to pass a roadblock, where he is intercepted by a Rookie Guardsman.

- Hello citizen! Halt and state yer business, please.

- Go pester someone else, yer tincan bastard, I's a busy man an' won't be held-up by the likes of ye.

- Now now sir, we just require a moment of yer time to collect the tax and to make a routine search of your belongings. There's recently been a case of nightshade smuggling into these parts, y'see?

- Well I can assure ye tha' I ain't carryin' none of that. I'm a legitimate business man and I don't 'ave time to be wasted. Here's yer tax and sod off!

- Sir, I'll kindly request that you hold still whilst we search your belongings, please do not resist.

- Aww come on, surely I coul' make it worth yer while if yer were just to let me pass?

- I hope ye're not tryin' to bribe me, citizen. Footman have a peek in his pack whilst the Trainee pats him down.

A second example of a dialogue:

A group of Officers are teasing a Guardsman for finding himself in trouble after an alleged peeping through the Captain's window.

 - So is that why you moved next door to 'im then? To get a good look at 'is jewels every mornin' before breakfast?

- *Frowns heavily* I didn't do nothin', it's just a vicious rumour an' tha's all!

- Why would yer wife start a vicious rumour? Or is she tryin' to shift the guilt onto you when she's been oogling the Cap'n eh?

- No! She didn't!

- So it was you then? Can't get enough at 'ome so you's been pokin' your telescope out through the window in the 'ope of gettin' a good look at 'is halberd eh? 


There's a number of words that the Guardsmen Militia use almost exclusively and you would do well to learn them if you have any intention of ever making a career out of this lark.




Anyone not in the Guardsmen Militia or another military organisation.


This is a rather vague term to describe those who we feel do not fit into what the Guardsmen perceive to be roleplayers. A taint could quite easily be interpreted as the vast majority of the playing base of UO but that would be a huge generalisation.

A taint could be someone exhibiting any of the above symptoms.

  • not speaking correct Britannian or another roleplayed language
  • having an out of character name such 'I pwned ur mum'
  • wearing unsuitable clothes for the roleplaying environment.
However, just because someone may be a taint doesn't mean you should automatically leap on them and chastise them for their foolish ways. Attempt to engage them and you never know you may convert them to roleplaying.
Unconscious When felled in training or battle, a guardsman is not 'dead' but merely 'unconscious'. It is very important to distinguish between the two.


A character that has been seen or is suspected of using magery. A guardsman is extremely suspicious wytchcraft and so the users of magic will be treated with contempt and often violence.


Magic. Guardsmen distrust magic in all its forms and would never willingly expose themselves to it.

Trainee Wordlist

Many Trainees start life in the Militia or start life in roleplaying unsure of what words are acceptable and what are not. To assist in clarifying what we deem suitable we have drawn up a list of words to help new roleplayers.

Forbidden word

"In Character" alternative

Lol, Rofl, Lmao

*Laughs*, *Chuckles*, *Giggles*

:), =)

*Smiles*, *Grins*,*Smirks*

:(, =(

*Frowns*, *Sighs sadly*


Jolly, impressive, great, fantastic


You, thee, thou

"72 strength"

Fairly strong

"88.4 swords"

Adept with a blade

Ok, k

Alright, aye, okay


Mud, sleepy, sick, bad leg


Falling asleep, daydreaming

Blue (flag)

Innocent, Civilian, Citizen

Grey (flag)


PK, red (flag)

Murderer, brigand


Citizen, Civilian, Baker, Healer, Brigand (Use profession)

PC (Personal Character)

Damien, Atlan (Use name)

Fellow roleplayer

A rogue, guardsman etc. (Use appropriate guild trade or race)


Messenger pigeon

The web

The library


Page, book, tome




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