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Character Traits

This section is intended to help you in developing depth and individual quirks for your character. This list should be interpreted as nothing more than a basic guide as it is certainly not complete and in terms of traits for your character the only limit is your imagination.

Animal lover
Animals are fantastic aren't they? Especially the fluffy ones. You can't quite get enough of nature's little companions and more than likely value them higher than many of your friends. You often take any remarks directed towards your furry friends very personally and will leap to their defence.
Most seriously question whether you're in the correct career. You're loudmouthed, cocky and generally rub people up the wrong way. You need a good slap in the face and are very effective at provoking people into doing just that.
Compulsive liar
If the Militia had a coin for every time you told a lie they'd be the best funded military in the world. You seemingly have some sort of aversion to the truth and are quite often dishonest just for the sake of it. You should not be trusted and you are generally not.
Turning a blind-eye never hurt a soul and what's more you ended up a little better off financially. You have never seen the problem with accepting a little gold on the side, after all Militia wages are terrible and 'everybody's doing it!'
Cowardice You are terrified of getting hurt, which would suggest the Guardsmen Militia is the worst place for you. You are quite easily intimidated, especially when pain or suffering might be involved and will often go to great lengths to avoid even the slightest of grazes.
You are very sceptical when it comes to what others tell you, especially when it involves religion. Whilst all these sheep blindly believe what the Templi tell them, you are not quite so stupid as to fall for it, however you can't openly laugh at them for their idiocy as that would be heresy.
Delusions Despite what others may say, you possess a strong, possibly unfounded belief that to your friends is quite preposterous. However, how would they know that you're not Lord British's brother?
Disciplined It takes a while for this trait to become ingrained in many guardsmen but you sir, were born with it. When your mother called you for dinner as a child you would sprint home, wash your hands and sit down at the table in readiness. Nothing much has changed and when it comes to orders from your superiors you are among the first to complete them and without question.
Drunkard Most guardsmen enjoy a brew or two after a hard day in the Keep but you're a little different. You enjoy a brew or four whilst on duty, whilst in bed, whilst in the tavern, whilst in Church. You're an alcoholic and you spend the vast majority of your time absolutely plastered much to the anger of your superiors and the distaste of your friends.
Enmity You might have been slighted by a certain organisation or enemy. Due to this you regard this entity with the utmost hatred and will often go out of your way to see them harmed in some manner.
Friendship Another in the Militia is one of your greatest friends, in fact the two of you are practically inseparable.
Fear For some reason you're terrified of a certain something and coming face to face with it can make you freeze in terror or run away screaming. Whether you're scared of snakes, ogres, mongbats, sliced apples or enormous dragons a fear trait can be extremely entertaining for everybody involved, especially if it is roleplayed consistently and correctly.
Generous You're probably too generous for your own good. If someone needs an extra copper for a mug of ale, you'll be on hand to drop it into their palm with a friendly smile. You just love being able to help out and share, often to the detriment of your own finances or time.
Gluttony You were put on Sosaria to eat, that much is certain. Others can spend years debating their purpose but you know that you were sent here to sample foods in huge quantities. In fact you love food so much that it is quite simply one of the subjects you spend your life chatting about. You work to eat.
Honesty You find it nearly impossible to lie and are so obviously telly a porky when you do lie as to make the entire endeavour completely pointless. Mostly when you are forced into a situation where telling a lie is a necessity you buckle under pressure, blush, stammer and generally fail miserably.
You could help those Trainees out with that roadblock but it'd be just too much effort, in fact you're far more comfortable under the shade of this tree. Just the sight of them makes you exhausted and you can't imagine how tiring it would be to actually work. Thank the Lord you've managed to avoid doing anything that might have caused a sweat all day and for as long as you can remember, actually.
Nationalist You love your home and respond to criticism of it with anger and violence. After all if they are merely ignorant bastards who need to learn how bloody brilliant your homeland is and you've got just the right hook to show them.
Overconfidence You possess a worrying overconfidence that quite often sees you throwing yourself into situations that you simply are not equipped to handle. If the Captain requires a group for a dangerous mission you'll be amongst the first to volunteer and often the first to be refused.
Power hungry You're not in the Militia because you want to save the world. You're not even in it because you particularly care about the safety of Yew. You're in the Guardsmen Militia because you want power and rising through ranks and attaining wealth is quite simply one of the best ways of achieving your dreams of power.
Prejudice For some reason you're prejudice against certain people or groups. Whilst you may have only been cheated in a game of dice by a single Trinsican, the entire city of Trinsic is quite obviously packed to the rafters with those of a similar, thieving ilk.
Religious You are definitely a guard of the pious variety, often crossing your heart with an Ankh or praying before meal times. You've also been known to quote scripture to others and are seen as one not to joke about the Magistrate around.
Spartan You only carry what you absolutely require and have very basic tastes, only eating what the body needs and drinking alcohol only in the rarest of occasions. Yours is the house that people visit and wonder if you're still in the process of decorating or furnishing.
Stupidity You're not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer and quite easily can get the wrong end of the stick and then poke yourself in the eye with it. You think and work quite sluggishly, often to the frustration of others.
Superstitious A llama? Well you can't be going outside with one of those wandering around. In fact call everyone back and we'll lock ourselves inside until it's safe to go out. As a superstitious character bad omens quite frankly terrify you and you react in the extreme to them.
Tolerant Somewhere along the line you somehow got it into your silly little head that everyone should be treated equally and accepted for what they are. Whereas all other guardsmen shun that half-elf wytch, you're more willingly to live and let live. Of course with such a daft attitude it's debatable just how long you are going to live.
You're a little fiery. You've always had the tendency to explode with the slightest of provocation and often resort to bouts of violence or abuse when pushed.
Many guardsmen start out as undisciplined wretches, for many this is just a side-effect of cushy civilian life. For others though it is so deeply embedded as to require endless floggings even to remind them to address their superiors as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am. You often answer back and cockily push the limits of acceptable behaviour.
Vow You have made a sacred vow and you intend to uphold it. Whether you promised yourself to raze the city of Vesper to the ground, or never to drink 'Kaboom' again.
Women are wonderful creatures aren't they? Well, you certainly think so, after all you practically spend all your free time chasing lasses around and showering them with cheesy chat-up lines and gifts. Whilst you try your hardest, women are definitely one of your weaknesses and what a wonderful weakness they are too.


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